Man puts a red decorative heart in pocketInvited to an ex-girlfriend’s wedding some sixteen hours away by plane, Noah Colfee is certain of three things: long-haul flights should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention, he doesn’t particularly want to see Suyin again, and he definitely knows the handsome stranger loitering in the lobby of his hotel.

The family resemblance between the man making eyes at him and Noah’s ex-girlfriend is so uncanny that they could be siblings. There’s just one problem: Suyin has just one sibling—a sister.

With lavish wedding festivities underway, Noah’s moods swing wildly between overwhelmed and restless as his hopes of a painless break are scuppered by the presence of a former lover. But if past is prophecy, Noah already ran off his lover eight years ago. Is there any sense in hoping for second chances?

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