You’d be hard pressed to open a newspaper these days and escape the Fifty Shades craze. The internet is even more devoted to the coverage, with anything from flippant takes on why women read about kink to debates on the deeper message of the film. Opinions are as divided as they are ardent, but on one point both supporters and detractors agree: BDSM is in.

Specifically, BDSM that involves an older (but not too old) man in a position of power introducing an inexperienced-or innocent, as she’s often called, shudder– young woman to the joys of the flogger.

More specifically, that man has to be young and handsome, a veritable Adonis with a fat wallet and free time to woo the reluctant object of his affections.

It’s easy to understand why the fantasy appeals. Who wouldn’t want to be whisked away by a capable, generous lover, and kept in riches and orgasms for the rest of one’s days? Sighing after Christian Grey is no more unreasonable than picturing oneself as Bruce Willis foiling dastardly plans in the Die Hard movies. Both rely on clichés to get their point across, and both have spawned copious facsimiles to satisfy the viewers’ (or readers’) appetite.

Me, I only like tropes if I can turn them on their heads. That’s how my most recent title came about.

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