glasshouses_800Miriam’s world is knocked off kilter when an ex-lover walks back into her life, eager to reacquaint himself with both her wit and her whip.

Fresh out of college, Miriam Chase has only recently found work as nanny to a wealthy couple with three unruly children. Mere months into the job and her personal life is already on hold. Dating is out of the question and romance hasn’t really been on the docket since she pinned her hopes on the wrong man back in college.

The man in question? Rakishly handsome and enigmatic in all the right ways, he was around just long enough to open her eyes to the joys of whips and leather, and submissive men. Miriam shouldn’t have known he wouldn’t call. She’s been telling herself she’s over him for the past two years. It’s not until a dinner party throws him back into her orbit that she realizes old scars can still smart.

Elliot McFarland has known the Hamiltons for twenty years and can’t fathom missing one of their famous soirees. He has no idea that his one and only romantic indiscretion is now their nanny. In the two week stretch before Elliot must leave for the east coast, he and Miriam are quick to resume their affair, all props included. But secrets have a way of rising to the surface of even the stillest waters and with their illicit romance brought out into the open, Miriam may well be forced to choose between being employed and being with Elliot.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex, the use of a strap-on and non-graphic description of sexual assault.

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