feintandmisdirection_800Imogen Dao is going to punch her way through this championship if it means losing the men in her life.

Imogen’s dream is about to come true. Only a handful of fights separate her from her first triumph in a mixed martial arts tournament. Sure, she’s been sleeping with her trainer, Russ, on and off for the last couple of months, but it’s nothing serious. He doesn’t even like her. Everything is going swimmingly, until one night after a victory in the ring Imogen meets a man who offers a world of pleasure—if only she can agree to submit to him.

There’s something about Imogen—her spirit, her compact, lethal weapon of a body—that just takes Jaime’s breath away. He doesn’t seem to care that she’s rowdy and foul-mouthed, or that she will never fit into his world. He wants her.

As the scorching hot chemistry between Imogen and Jaime reaches boiling point, Russ becomes convinced that the tournament will be forfeit if his prizefighter doesn’t get her priorities in order. With the final coming up and Imogen’s chances of victory on shaky ground, the choice between ambition and romance may not be the only one she is forced to make.

“A gritty story about making choices. This action-packed read is hot in all the right spots. I loved the unpredictable ending because I wasn’t sure how Imogen would handle a fight for love. It turned out she had some special moves planned to ensure she would win the prize.” — The Romance Reviews

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