inthepresenceofmineenemy_800A game of spy against spy leaves little room for second chances.

Freshly retired from Section ranks, Hailey is glad to be out of the tangle of spy games that cost him both family and friends. All he wants is a quiet holiday on the French coast, his first in many years. He doesn’t expect to look up one day and find a former agent looking back—much less a man who should be rotting in prison.

Adam Asche gave Section the best years of his life, but when a mission went south, his associates callously deserted him behind enemy lines. Presumed dead, he has taken full advantage of his purported demise to resurrect his career as a hired gun. The opportunity to settle accounts with his former handler brings him to France and, soon enough, to Hailey’s bed.

But the longer Adam delays in fulfilling his mission, the more impatient his clients become. Leveraging desire against the time-sensitive nature of his contract quickly puts both Adam and Hailey in lethal peril.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence.

“A novella filled with tension and passion and no small amount of danger, everything you could want in a story that pits a former spy against an assassin-for-hire” — Lisa at The Novel Approach

 “Intriguing story of spy against spy. Intense scenes and great details of the landscape. Filled with mystery, drama, suspense, and danger” — Shorty at MM Good Book Reviews

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