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Special Weekend Offer: 25% off on Wild After Dark

Ring in the weekend with a hefty dose of vampires, shifters and garden variety humans (who mean business): Wild After Dark is 25% off at! Get six steamy paranormal ménage stories for the price of one. Titles from Aurelia T.... Continue Reading →


Wild After Dark Blog Tour

With the new paranormal TotallyBound anthology coming out, I'm going to be in ur internets along with other very cool people. We'll be blogging about important things like romance and writing sexytimes. Check out the dates below and come read... Continue Reading →

Beginnings, a Young Love, Old Hearts guest post from Lela Buis

  Beginnings for a writer seem a little easier than endings. They’re all about potential, after all. At the beginning of any venture, you have unlimited possibilities. You can set up any plot, any setting, any characters. Beginnings set the... Continue Reading →

An interview with Colton, star of New York Minute – a Young Love, Old Hearts guest post from Stacy O’Steen

  Stacy: Today we’re here with Colton. He’s just flown in to New York City after being away from several years. What’s it like to be back after so long? Colton: It’s amazing. I can’t imagine having been away that... Continue Reading →

Seasons, a Young Love, Old Hearts guest post from Adrian J. Smith

  If there’s one thing I love doing when writing, it’s making it very clear what time of year something takes place. Which yeah, usually means I stage my stories in locations that have seasons. I lived in Texas for... Continue Reading →

Adjunct Hell, a Young Love, Old Hearts guest post from Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae

  Being an adjunct professor, as Carl and the three other professors he shares an office with are, is kind of a pit. They work insanely long hours, teaching and grading, before they even get to spend time on their... Continue Reading →

Finding Ourselves, a Young Love, Old Hearts guest post from A. M. Leibowitz

  Go into any book store and browse the shelves. What do you find? A lot of books featuring white, able-bodied, straight, cisgender (i.e., not trans) people. Most of the literature assigned in schools runs along those lines as well... Continue Reading →

When a private video isn’t

In September of last year, some five hundred private photographs of various celebrities were leaked online to a mixture of condemnation and finger-pointing. This did nothing to stem the tide of distribution. It’s hardly news that certain dark corners of... Continue Reading →

Writing Female Friendships

I’m still gutted that for my first title with Totally Bound, the only two female characters in my story invariably wound up at odds. I’m not entirely sure how it happened. Maybe it’s because female rivalry is ingrained into my... Continue Reading →

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