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Cara Sutra Erotic Author Spotlight

It’s been suggested that I talk about how I got into writing erotic romance—a good idea, considering my sixteen published titles and the many more still waiting in the wings. But for the life of me, I can’t remember. I... Continue Reading →


Fanged Baddies Can Change, Too

Few paranormal creatures have gotten as much publicity as vampires in recent years. They’re ubiquitous. From horror, to romance, to young adult fiction, they’ve become the ideal and the threat wrapped in one tragic package. Yet what vampire fiction has... Continue Reading →

Spotlight @ Sexy Erotic Xciting

What do your elven eyes see, Maeve? A shift in the romance genre! In particular, a shift in the kinds of female characters we favour as our leading ladies. Wide-eyed innocent is out. Experienced, often jaded is here to stay. No... Continue Reading →

Why not both? Polyamory in the romance genre

Back when I was a wee Maeve peeking at Harlequin titles on the sly, the recipe for romances seemed simple: one man, preferably shirtless and hunky, and one woman, preferably sporting long, flowing locks, the two of them entwined in... Continue Reading →

Give me all the bad sex

I enjoy writing bad sex. I don’t mean sex that isn’t fulfilling for the people involved or rape—and hopefully not bad sex scenes, either, although I’ll let my readers be the judge. I mean scenes that don’t play out like something... Continue Reading →

Desiring Diversity

Aliens forming an impression of our species through popular entertainment would probably assume we’re a majority Caucasian planet peopled by young, attractive, slim men and women with fabulous hair. I can only imagine their disappointment upon touching down to discover... Continue Reading →

Totally Bound author spotlight!

Tell us about your new Surface Tension serial.  Three novels, three characters, a ménage a trois like I haven’t written before… would be the way I’d describeSurface Tension in a really short elevator pitch. The longer version is that I’ve... Continue Reading →

The Woman Wields the Crop – Female First Feature

You'd be hard pressed to open a newspaper these days and escape the Fifty Shades craze. The internet is even more devoted to the coverage, with anything from flippant takes on why women read about kink to debates on the... Continue Reading →

A Bike, an Open Road: guest post at Crystal Blogs Books

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to confess that being tapped for Wild Angels did away with my concentration for a good twenty-four hours. Bikers! Biker gangs! Biker gangs being badasses on wheels! Forget my drafts folder or... Continue Reading →

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