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Tipping Point

He has nothing left to lose. That makes him dangerous. Book six of the Shadow Play serial. Ex-con Elijah has run out of ways to make ends meet. Picked up by police in a bum-fighting sting, his only hope is the... Continue Reading →


Counterfeit Conscience

On the brink of retirement, a spy will risk all. Book five of the Shadow Play serial. The writing’s on the wall. Will Rowe has no illusions about retaining his post as the head of the largest Section field office in... Continue Reading →

The Truth about the Liar

When hunter becomes hunted, the lines between enemy and friend are easily blurred.. Book four of the Shadow Play serial. A hit man with a price on his head, Arthur’s days are numbered. He should be in MI6 custody, paying penance... Continue Reading →

Splendid Isolation

Old spies make dangerous hostages. Book three of the Shadow Play serial. A prisoner at the tender mercies of the British Secret Intelligence Services, Manuel has to believe that trading freedom for protection was his only hope of avoiding payback... Continue Reading →

Price of Freedom

Some stories just aren’t meant to be told. Book two of the Shadow Play serial. From warzones to domestic scandals, Ulysses has built a career as a high-profile journalist at the expense of both family and relationships. Now his dogged pursuit... Continue Reading →

Best Kept Lies

What becomes of the Russian spy who lands himself in the crosshairs of a rogue British agent?

The Face of Scandal

They say first love is forever. They don’t say that sometimes it’s against your will.

A Smile as Sweet as Poison

When fiery passion can turn on a dime, how far would you dare to gamble your heart?

Twice Upon a Blue Moon

Some affairs are like playing with fire, but knowing you’ll get burned is no reason to throw the game.

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